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Prompt a Day
Brevity is the soul of wit - Bill S.
10th-Oct-2009 10:09 am - To the people...
To the people that responded,

You have all agreed one one thing: Multiple Moderators. That is what I wanted to do before, but it didn't work. SO -- let's try again! Hah I want people to post prompts ... 3 .... then we shall have a poll and the two most loved shall be co-moderators! WOOOO! GO PROMPTS! POST THEM HERE!
6th-Oct-2009 11:28 pm - WHO WANTS THIS?
Who wants this community? Anyone would do a better job than I have. I don't have the ambition or inspiration to write anymore so it's silly for me to ask others to do the same...

email me: rollinonshabbos@gmail.com
4th-Aug-2009 11:08 pm - PROMPT 466
Getting to know you
2nd-Aug-2009 05:41 am - PROMPT 465
As you stare death in the eye
What do you see? Who do you see?
What did you say then -- fully meaning it --
But you won't keep your promise now?
If death doesn't come.
2nd-Aug-2009 02:36 am - PROMPT 464
Peering into the paper bag
30th-Jul-2009 11:59 pm - PROMPT 463
24th-Jul-2009 12:18 am - PROMPT 462
I'm drunk on
15th-Jul-2009 12:14 am - PROMPT 461
Tonight will be
13th-Jul-2009 11:28 pm - PROMPT 460
I'm not sick
27th-Jun-2009 04:44 am - PROMPT 459
It wasn't supposed to be that way
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